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Teacher Delivered Sporting Schools Gymnastics Programs

What is 'Ignite!'?

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LaunchPad Ignite! is a 4 hour workshop (1 hour online module, 3 hours face to face) developed by Gymanstics Australia, with the aim to give teachers the knowledge needed to deliver the Sporting Schools LaunchPad Gymnastics program in their school. (LaunchPad™ is essentially Gymnastics Australia's trademarked term for a Sporting Schools funded Gymnastics Program.)

The Ignite! workshop covers modules in Neuro-nastics (brain development and movement) and the Dominant Movement Patterns (DMPs). The module aims to give teachers the knowledge needed to deliver a Sporting Schools Gymnastics Program, and is a pre-requisite for the 'Teacher Delivered' program option in the Sporting Schools funding application. Schools are able to select the 'Coach Delivered' option, however must then contract the delivery of the program to an external body. With the Ignite! accreditation teachers can deliver the program themselves without the need to outsource.

As of 2018, Gymnastics Victoria has contracted us (Gymnastics 4 Hire) to manage and run the LaunchPad Ignite! face to face teacher workshops.

For more information on Teacher Delivered programs, please see Gymnastics Australia's website at

How do I complete the module and get Sporting Schools funding?

  1. Complete the online LaunchPad Ignite! module. Register to complete the module here. The system is a little bit confusing, and Gymnastics Australia has nicely provided a Step by Step registration guide.
    Please note that the online LaunchPad Ignite! module is managed by Gymnastics Australia.
  2. Complete the 3 hour Ignite! face to face module. In Victoria this module is run by us (Gymnastics 4 Hire) in various formats.
    • As a workshop by itself in a group scenario. The fee for this scenario is $ 100 + GST per person, with a minimum of 5 participants. An appropriate workspace must be provided (e.g. Hall).
    • As a workshop by itself on a one on one basis. We come to you and work with you one on one. - $ 500 + GST.
    • As a component of a larger PD day. Our next PD day will be run during the Term 1/2 school holidays in the area that has the highest amount of interest (you select your prefered area when you enquire HERE).
    • As a part of a larger program incorporating equipment hire for several weeks. - Gymnastics is much more fun with equipment!
      • Prior to program commencing - drop off equipment at school and spend the day with you running through the Ignite! workshop and our lesson plans
      • You conduct the lessons for several (typically 4) weeks.
      • We return and pick up the equipment at the end of the program.
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IMPORTANT! Please contact us to discuss your options for completing the LaunchPad Ignite! module PRIOR to applying for Sporting Schools funding.